Particle Analyzers ________________________________________
Oil Contamination Monitors (Particle Counters), CM-20 series

Parker's LaserCM is the latest in a globally proven range of portable particle counters, a 6 channel model that uses Laser light as a development to the standard 'white light' CM20. It combines leading edge technology from the hydraulic, electronic and laser industries to provide industry with the very highest level of accuracy and repeatability in system condition monitoring with instant analysis.

From the experience of designers, with the users of hydraulic and lubrication systems comes the knowledge that 75% of system failures are as a direct result of contamination metal wear. Knowing the cleanliness level of the fluid is the basis of contamination control.

- Certification of fluid cleanliness levels
- Early warning tool to help prevent catastrophic failures in critical systems
- Immediate results with laboratory accuracy
- To comply with customer cleanliness requirements and specifications
- New equipment warranty compliance
- New oil cleanliness testing
- Identification of fluid water content

- 4 minute automatic test, repeatable every 4 minutes
  (Approximately half this time with the LaserCM)
- 6 channel analysis standard on all CM20 models
- High resilience, heavy duty case construction with shoulder strap
  and total portability
- Direct on line connection eliminates inevitable delays and system
  deterioration potential with bottle sampling
- Makes effective contamination monitoring an Integral part of planned
  maintenance programme

- Used as a commissioning Instrument to establish oil cleanliness levels against targeted standards
- Regular monitoring has been proven to reduce the need to automatically change filter elements in an anti
  deterioration maintenance programme
- Dynamic sampling allows predictive maintenance of major system components